Cooking Class Menus

We offer the following menus which we can customise if you have dietary preferences


Popular Thai Cuisine


Menu A 

Massaman chicken curry; Fried prawns with tamarind sauce; Fried rice with chicken  

Menu B

Chicken in coconut milk soup; Steamed cod with shitake mushrooms and ginger; Phad Thai fried noodles with prawn


Menu C

Thai papaya salad; Fried chicken with cashew nuts; Stir-fried beef with onion and oyster sauce

Authentic Local Dishes


Menu A 

Prawn Tempura; Tom Yum seafood soup; Crispy fried mussels pancake

Menu B 

Thai grilled pork BBQ with sticky rice; Panang red pork curry; Stir-fried chicken with ginger

Menu C 

Steamed cod in a spicy lime sauce; Fried rice tom yum with seafood; Stir-fried vegetables

Menu D 

Thai Onion Omelette; Thai spicy noodle glass seafood salad; Pork rib and stewed cabbage soup

Menu E 

Cucumber soup stuffed with pork; Stir-fried basil; Egg fried noodles with chicken

Menu F 

Thai cucumber salad; Thai noodle soup with pork; Stir-fried spicy seafood

Favourite Thai Street Food


Menu A 

Thai fish cakes (cod); Vegetable spring rolls; Pad see-ew stir-fried noodles with pork


Menu B 

Chicken satay; Grilled chicken wings; Phad Thai fried noodles with prawn

Favourite Dishes (Online Course)


Menu A 

Green chicken curry; Coconut rice


Menu B 

Steamed cod with shitake mushrooms and ginger; Spicy fried rice with seafood

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